Token Allocation

Total Supply:

  • 100,000,000,000

Token Allocation and Uses as follows:

  • Liquidity - 35% Liquidity will be used for Pancake swap liquidity pool Address: 0x6F3B29F6f33481379b9BC26Cf26EB51A4eD1E12A

  • Future Exchanges - 35% Reserved for Future Exchanges uses Address: 0x7f38d7Ba393F00363399B0f647Ad4264a35c95c1

  • Marketing - 10% Marketing Uses for official team Address: 0x45938eB2ae89a78D5B1AbD1278ecbfC3E804E5A4

  • Private sales - 10% All Presale uses ,left over Tokens will be send to locked . Address: 0xb9b3dDea5fA256749ff830Cd8da7EaA3B9aCC7aC

  • Team/Development - 5% Marketing Uses for official team Address: 0xbeb59A69CEf70f7eEEc29407c806C804294A30aC

  • Ecological Funds/Rewards - 3% Will be use for events rewards eg. airdrop, daily activities etc. Address: 0x7ACde1c1B1A02106D5169be143d62a46bb3f206a

  • Advisor - 2% Advisor/consultant Address: 0xB47F53A602CBfEE9bB67A5171cE53222F4706D4D

After ICO, all tokens will be locked and release 5% of total amount every month then 5% will be seperated to allocation above.

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