When would i be able to see my token balance?

After successfully purchasing on pancakeswap. Please add our contract address into your wallet so that your token will shows up.

Contract Address
What are we trying to achieve in the project?

The general idea of the project, the core of any blockchain lies in a brand-new economic model. If all economic models are separated from actual economic utility and cannot form any interests or correlations in real life, thus they will not be sustainable.

Our projects are mainly Using the fair competition model, mainly serve all e-sports, electronic games, and competitive business fields, so as to continuously introduce profit sources for the entire economic model, and thus support the health and development of the overall token economy. The economy in turn supports the continuous updating and iteration of products, thereby establishing a sound and effective economic model

What inspired us to start this project?

Our team has been in the Blockchain ecosystem since 2017. We have served many Gamefi projects, from our view most of projects will have a general problem, because the economic model itself revolves around the community itself and cannot effectively serve the actual economy.

The model will lead to the collapse of the currency price economic model after the user cannot continue to grow once the market changes. We propose the concept of Hashlink, which is backed by a mature demand market, and cooperates with its own token economy and community economy.

The currency economy and community economy support the continuous development and update iteration of the product in the early stage, and the product serves the external market and community market, thereby bringing external source income and Burn, etc., and continuously serving the token economy, therefore to achieve a sustainable and effective economic model , provides Healthy cycle.

What can be use to ensure the stable development of the economy and ecology?

The HaskLink product itself has certain partner resources and users. It brings Hash's continuous currency price support through product services, token consumption and other means; in addition, early investors and large investors supervise the development of the overall project through HashDao, so as to improve the effectiveness and orderly development of the overall project

How to buy
Transaction fees? Slippage?

Only 2% Reflection + 3% Auto-LP + 2% Burn + 2% Marketing + 2% Treasury + 1% Affiliate with a total of 12% will be charge on Buying or selling also transferring token to another address. Slippage please set it around 15%.

Earn More $Hashi

Join our Telegram and Discord group to earn more HASHI by competing in minigames , or join raffle and other events.

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